My Favorite Things That's So Seattle

Seattle Art Museum REMIX

I volunteer regularly at the Seattle Art Museum, or SAM as it’s fondly known around here. I love art. I find it riveting to be in the presence of great works of art. It’s not common for me to consider myself an artist. I am very creative and find time to paint every now and then. however, i am not gifted that way. So to get my fill of beautiful, breathtaking art, I serve at SAM.

SAM has a very active social calendar with kids’ days, private parties, exhibit previews and my all time favorite, REMIXes. What is a REMIX? That’s a great question. It’ a huge party at the SAM. I volunteer for these parties because I enjoy serving at the SAM and I get to party with like minded art-loving people in Seattle.

SAM holds REMIX parties once every quarter. The most recent party was at the Olympic Sculpture Park down on the waterfront. So much fun! We danced amongstĀ  the sculptures beneath the stars all night. Pure awesomeness.


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