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10 fun facts to make you laugh and take life less seriously

everyone needs a good laugh every once in a while. well, actually you should be laughing every day. what’s wrong with you that you don’t laugh every day? never mind, i don’t feel like having a therapy session right now because i’m too busy laughing! you have heard laughter does the body good like a medicine. that means you definitely need to laugh more. being sick is no fun.

so as i was wrapping up my work day and checking some social media goings on, i came across this post from a friend that cracked me up. not because it was incredibly funny. mostly because i’m incredibly funny — as you are soon to discover about yourself as well — because, yes i did that! hehehe.

i present you with 10 fun facts. if you don’t laugh, immediately call a therapist and make your first appointment!! (that was not a suggestion, it was a command!)

still laughing huh?
still laughing huh?
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