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the junk that spills out from my brain dump

April 13, 2016


there has been a lot swirling around in my head lately. probably not more than usual, but it has been weighing on me and making it impossible to write or move forward on some projects. a while back, a group of my friends and i read the artist’s way. actually, that was how we became […]

i’m a hustler baby i just want you to know

March 26, 2016


when i think of the word hustler, i struggle to conjure up positive images. growing up, being a hustler meant you did what you had to do – legal or otherwise – to make ends meet but it was never considered legit work. often, it was cloaked in the aura of danger. a hustler could […]

monday motivational music: shake it off

June 1, 2015


this morning i woke up in an allergy medicine fog. my brain didn’t work. it didn’t help that the first thing i saw this morning was a text baring tidings of sadness for someone i care about. i laid in my bed staring at the ceiling as i often do thinking i didn’t really want […]

monday motivational music: always sisters

May 18, 2015


this week as i thought about what kind of motivation i needed to kick things off right, i couldn’t help but smile. over the last few weeks, i have spent time with, or had the opportunity to celebrate, some of the most amazing women who have done some amazing things. when i think about the […]

monday motivational music: black lives matter

May 4, 2015


a lot has happened since last week’s motivational music selection. for some, it was business as usual. for others, the world turned upside down. well, truthfully, we witnessed another cycle of what passes for normal in a world hell-bent on silencing the black voice, squelching the black rage, shaming the black pain, and breaking the […]

monday motivational music: star in your own life

April 27, 2015


i watch dance moms faithfully each week because i love dance. the ladies on this show are entertaining dancers. we’ve all seen maddie rise to fame in her collection of sia videos. it was so cool seeing her move from a competitive dancer to become a professional dancer. but she’s not the reason i tune […]

monday motivational music: light the universe

April 20, 2015


music has magical powers. it can alter your mood in just a matter of minutes. everything from the lyrics to the melodies to the sound of the voice crooning over the track affect how you feel and relate to the world around you. it’s also quite suggestive! when you’re putting together your workout mix, you […]

i hear you loud as a bomb

April 7, 2015


“it’s the moments when you’re left all on your own, and it hits you from out of nowhere. you try to hid it sometimes unsuccessfully, with a smile that fades quickly away.”  every now and then i like to take time to reflect on life. it’s a way for me to be still because i’m […]

warning: cloak may cause invisibility

December 22, 2014


writing is my therapy. over these last few months, with mounting racial tensions, outright displays of hatred, and low-key disbelief that my america has too many throwback moments to yesteryear, i find myself writing daily. multiple times a day. i have to get it out. because if i keep all this pain, anger, and rage […]

i can’t breathe … this is the air i breathe

December 7, 2014


i am still “high” right now. today … about today. i’ll just say i was wrecked. from the worship, to the word, to the opportunity to minister. wrecked! as a nerdy black woman, there are few things i remain shy about these days. you tend to naturally stand out in the crowd when you’re one […]