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Revisiting the worst day of my life a year later

February 16, 2014


my sister’s smile and laugh were so contagious that if she started it, everyone joined in. her laugh is the thing i hear most in my head on the days i can’t help but miss her. she left this world a year ago today and things aren’t any easier. my friend jj told me it […]

i’m pretty sure i just drank sweet earth

August 6, 2013


i’m juicing. for the first time ever. and for the next three days. what have i gotten myself into? i know that juicing has become all the rage the last few years. i’ve had several friends who have gone out and bought expensive juicers and dug up crazy recipes that mix kale and apples with carrots […]

friends + dinner + art = the fabric of our lives

April 9, 2012


spending time with my friends is very important to me. i believe you have to work hard to cultivate relationships and keep them growing deeper and stronger. the seattle winter/early spring climate allows for a lot of friendship cultivation time! that is how i found myself hanging out with my friend shaquita on capitol hill […]

up all night, brunch in the morning

January 28, 2012


you guys know how much i love me some food. foodie? absolutely. i don’t use clever words to describe food but i don’t really have to. my name is nourisha. i was destined to love food. end of story! and so this post is about food. after a night of drinking and dancing and general […]

Lunching at Luna Park Cafe

August 4, 2011


Seattle is home to seriously strange eating establishments. We like our food with a side of freak. What can I say? It does make for great dinning and tons of fun. That is precisely what greeted me at Luna Park Cafe in West Seattle. West Seattle is an interesting neighborhood in and of itself. There’s […]

Kingfish Cafe merges Seattle and Soulfood

July 24, 2011


There aren’t a lot of black folks in Seattle. We live in the region but it is possible for me to go an entire day without seeing another black face if I spend time in certain neighborhoods of Seattle. Most black people live in the suburbs. It’s is what it is. But that doesn’t mean […]

Shooting the breeze in the speakeasy

July 14, 2011


I’m from the midwest, Kansas City to be exact, and we know all about speakeasies. They are a part of our gangster past. Everyone loves a great gangster story, so I couldn’t help but conjure up those prohibition era images as I sat at the bar of a great little Belltown spot called Bathtub Gin […]

Sunday Jazz Brunch

July 14, 2011


Sunday is considered by many to be the laziest day of the week. It’s the sabbath after all and that means rest! What better way to rest and relax than by enjoying a great jazz brunch? Lucid Jazz Lounge in the UDistrict understands that very well. And that is how I found myself at Lucid […]