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anatomy of a sacred self care toolkit

March 21, 2016


have you read the five love languages? it was all the rage when it first came out. i read the book but i recently retook the profile quiz to refresh my memory on what my love languages are. in case you aren’t familiar, the five languages identified in the book are acts of service, physical touch, […]

preserving my sacred spaces

March 1, 2016


a few months ago, someone told me i was in “reclaiming identity” mode. i had shared an experience that caught me off guard and i didn’t know what to make of it. after an extended conversation, we ended with reclaiming identity. i didn’t really know what to make of that either. at 37, i was pretty […]

bet you can’t reach just one

January 28, 2016


have you ever been sitting at your desk minding your own business, lost in your work happy work place, when your stream of consciousness gets hijacked? please, tell me I’m not the only one!  that happened to me the other day. out of the blue! i was doing some research on how to make incremental changes […]

is your no selfish or selfless?

January 5, 2016


no one wants to be accused of being selfish. sure, sometimes we want to place ourselves first, but we would never openly show little disregard for another’s feelings. say it with me, “we care!” full disclosure, my dad actually called me selfish on christmas because i mentioned that i’m not keen on having children. i’ve […]

staring in yellow surprise at the sun

October 20, 2015


i have heard many of my non-black friends say how surprised and appalled they are by some of the blatant racist things they have witnessed recently either personally, locally, or on a national stage. part of me wants to ask them where they have been all their lives. none of this is new. in fact, […]

choosing happiness for 25% off today only

October 9, 2015


i just got an email with the subject line: “choosing happiness for 25% off.” i’m assuming it was an ad for a book or some other motivational keepsake being promoted by mama oprah. yes, i call her mama oprah because she has such a nurturing and giving spirit. she just looks like she would embrace […]

things you can’t do while being black in america

July 21, 2015


i didn’t want to make this list. i’m probably not the first person to make this list. if you do a google search, you might come across more of these lists of things black people can’t do in america. and that sucks. the fact that this list does exist is a problem. this is america. […]

monday motivational music: love’s in need of love today

June 29, 2015


last week was a doozy and i don’t know about you but i’m still trying to recover from it all. as we’re preparing to celebrate our national independence day, a day that represents triumph, valor, and freedom for our young nation, i am mindful of all the ways we as a nation are not yet […]

monday motivational music: always sisters

May 18, 2015


this week as i thought about what kind of motivation i needed to kick things off right, i couldn’t help but smile. over the last few weeks, i have spent time with, or had the opportunity to celebrate, some of the most amazing women who have done some amazing things. when i think about the […]

if we burn you burn with us

April 27, 2015


another day, another death, another funeral, another march, another protest, another militarized attack/response, another news cycle calling black people thugs and criminals, another shouting match on social media, another call for peace, another demand to forget and move on, another day in the life of a black american. i am depleted. my blackness is not a […]