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Hacked By Imam

June 23, 2016


Hacked By Imam with Love

it’s not what you want, it’s what you need

March 19, 2016


sometimes we fail to get the correct answer because we keep asking the wrong question. growing up, i was an uber planner. well, more like a perfectionist. i was a classic perfectionist. i performed for people because i wanted them to approve of me. i  wanted their validation. i did more than what was required. i worked harder […]

preserving my sacred spaces

March 1, 2016


a few months ago, someone told me i was in “reclaiming identity” mode. i had shared an experience that caught me off guard and i didn’t know what to make of it. after an extended conversation, we ended with reclaiming identity. i didn’t really know what to make of that either. at 37, i was pretty […]

actually, no, we can’t be facebook friends

February 4, 2016


we live in a world where meeting someone in person or in a virtual space equates to” knowing” someone. i went along with this new age approach to community building becasue i’m a technofile. if you do actually know me, you know i’m all about integrating technology into every part of my life. i love […]

is your no selfish or selfless?

January 5, 2016


no one wants to be accused of being selfish. sure, sometimes we want to place ourselves first, but we would never openly show little disregard for another’s feelings. say it with me, “we care!” full disclosure, my dad actually called me selfish on christmas because i mentioned that i’m not keen on having children. i’ve […]

2016, how did we get here?

January 4, 2016


i can’t believe it is already 2016. you have probably uttered those exact words a few times yourself. it really seems like the days are flying by. i personally can’t decide if i’m okay with this or if i  want the ability to make time stand still. sometimes you just need a moment to catch […]

monday motivational music: star in your own life

April 27, 2015


i watch dance moms faithfully each week because i love dance. the ladies on this show are entertaining dancers. we’ve all seen maddie rise to fame in her collection of sia videos. it was so cool seeing her move from a competitive dancer to become a professional dancer. but she’s not the reason i tune […]

deltas do it best

January 13, 2015


i’m so happy to be celebrating 102 years of sisterhood, scholarship, and service with more than 300,000 sorors around the world today as we recognize the day of our founding. can i just say, we look damn good for 102! in the midst of the chanting, stepping, singing, shouting, duckwalking, fortituding, and eating together as […]

get up and go

December 2, 2014


have you ever just gotten in your car and driven off into the sunset without an actual plan for where you will end up? do you think you could ever be the kind of person who does that at least once? i fully believe every woman should be “that girl” at least once in her […]

10 things i’m grateful for on my 36th birthday

November 10, 2014


i love my birthday. for starters, it’s a national holiday. this is not my vanity talking. i was born on veterans’ day. so yeah, stuff shuts down on my birthday. you hear that? i shut it down. hehehe. but seriously, thank you to all of our service men and women. your sacrifice is a tremendous […]