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it’s time to put on your big girl panties

May 5, 2016


there is a saying that when it rains it pours. for the most part, it holds a negative connotation in our lexicon. usually when something bad happens, it comes in waves. you don’t get a sprinkling of bad, you get an entire downpour. like, if you’re going to get wet, why not go big and […]

luther, michael, whitney, and prince

April 21, 2016


i was born in 1978. i know, i don’t look like a seasoned 37-year-old. black don’t crack is factual. i’m so happy i was born when i was. it meant i grew up in the magical 80s and matured in the golden 90s and i was blessed to have some of the best music of all time […]

respond to the call that aligns with your soul

March 22, 2016


today was one of those days where too many intersections of my world collided. i’m struggling to make sense of it all in the aftermath. this whiplash got my neck and my back hurting. who? what? where? why? how? let me back up. sometimes the best place to begin a story is from the beginning. […]

anatomy of a sacred self care toolkit

March 21, 2016


have you read the five love languages? it was all the rage when it first came out. i read the book but i recently retook the profile quiz to refresh my memory on what my love languages are. in case you aren’t familiar, the five languages identified in the book are acts of service, physical touch, […]

i’m all locked up

January 10, 2016


after many months of contemplating, i have finally decided to commit. i’m not a commitment-phobe. i tend to make decisions and stick to them. for some reason, this commitment seemed to require more time and a full pro/con list.  i did my googles so i knew what to expect if and when i said yes. i’m […]

choosing happiness for 25% off today only

October 9, 2015


i just got an email with the subject line: “choosing happiness for 25% off.” i’m assuming it was an ad for a book or some other motivational keepsake being promoted by mama oprah. yes, i call her mama oprah because she has such a nurturing and giving spirit. she just looks like she would embrace […]

i’ll take my starbucks with a shot of shackles and shock

October 4, 2015


my body woke me up from what i can only assume was a peaceful sleep at 5am saturday morning. my reaction was anything but peaceful. i struggled to fall back to sleep for a few hours before i just gave up. i had a pretty lengthy to-do list so i decided to get started. first […]

who would i meet at your well?

June 26, 2015


whew what a week! there is a season for everything under the sun and this week we find ourselves in deep mourning and deep celebration. i would like to say as a nation, but i know better. we’re too divided to experience these things collectively, communally. so as i have scrolled through my social media […]

you can’t always solve for x

June 4, 2015


i’m not big on math. i made it up to calculus in high school but promptly dropped the class when i failed the first test the start of my senior year. i wasn’t about that failure life back then. well, nothing has changed. failing sucks. but i blame mr. hayman, my trig teacher for making […]

getting lost in him as i hiked to lake annette

May 25, 2015


when i behold the beauty of your many wonders and i’m captivated by your majesty oh my soul rings out a sacred hallelujah back to the source from whence it came a three day weekend is a great chance to reset and refresh, if i do it right. i decided to spend my saturday hiking through […]