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it’s time to put on your big girl panties

May 5, 2016


there is a saying that when it rains it pours. for the most part, it holds a negative connotation in our lexicon. usually when something bad happens, it comes in waves. you don’t get a sprinkling of bad, you get an entire downpour. like, if you’re going to get wet, why not go big and […]

umbrella, i don’t need no stinking umbrella

October 15, 2014


it’s raining in seattle. i know what you’re thinking. it’s always raining in seattle. wrong. it’s not always raining in seattle. we don’t mind you thinking that though because we don’t actually want you moving here and messing up our hodgepodge of hippie-hipster/geeky-chic/counter-culture/semi-progressive/multi-cultural-inclusive/seattle-freezy vibe. but it’s fall and fall does mean rain. i’m a self-professed vitamin […]

we were moving mountains long before we thought we could

September 8, 2014


this past weekend my hiking group, black people hike (bph) hit the tiger mountain west trail for what we thought would be a 5 mile hike round trip. turns out the high point trail (which doesn’t go all the way to the top) is 5 miles. the west trail is actually 4.4 miles one way. […]

preserving the sexy with a little science and sweat

July 23, 2013


i’m a very active person and most of the time i’m a very fit person. lately though i’ve been quite lax with my workouts and after seeing a few pictures i realized being lax probably isn’t a good look. to be sure, i’m still gorgeous in my pix but i’m not feeling 100 percent “sexy” […]

seattle sets a world record at seattle snow day

January 15, 2013


one thing you should know about me is i love to make history. probably because i actually dig history. it’s dark and painful sometimes, but it’s also exhilarating and exciting and quite liberating. there is all that talk about not knowing your past means you’re destined to repeat it. whatever, i like knowing the past […]

i’m dreaming of a white christmas in leavenworth

December 20, 2012


Before we all parted ways for the holiday season, I took a trip to Leavenworth Washington with some of my favorite people in Seattle. We boarded a coach with about 60 other people (mostly older, lol) and headed up the mountain to a winter wonderland. We spent the day in the city eating, shopping and […]

hiking through the ape caves was like walking through moria

September 8, 2012


i spent hours climbing through the ape caves at mt. st. helens in southern washington with some awesome friends, what did you do?! we started our trek bright an early from seattle and headed south to woodland where our adventures began. let me start by saying i had no idea it was so close to […]

team honeybees takes on the urban scavenger hunt

June 1, 2012


aw, the sweet sweet smell of competition! us seattleites go hard when it comes to proving our mettle in competition and wits. the crazier the better. thankfully, i have friends who aren’t afraid to join me in my quests to explore and conquer seattle. that is how team honey bees was born! on a perfectly normal saturday, […]

the fields are alive with the sight of tulips

April 15, 2012


one of the cool things about living in the pacific northwest is the abundant beauty. you hear me talk about the mountains and the water but you probably never heard me mention the flowers and the rainforest and the waterfalls and the vineyards. this past weekend i ventured north an hour to experience the beauty […]

ain’t no stopping sunshine

April 11, 2012


today was one of those days where gray skies and seattle gloom were abundant. it’s only 10 am and already i’m sad. i’m not someone who suffers from s.a.d.d. but i do love me some sunshine. my skin craves it! on the days when it fails to show up i’m one unhappy camper. because i’m […]