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i can’t be super all the time

December 17, 2014


i want to be a super hero. really badly. did i say really badly? oh, i did. good, because i want to be a super hero really badly.  i wish i could fly. i wish i could teleport. i wish i could control weather. i wish i could heal quickly. i wish i could have […]

we’re all a little bit gonzo on the inside

October 1, 2014


i’m going to go ahead and say it. lately, i’ve been feeling awkward. not the usual “she dances to the beat of her own drum” awkward but straight up gonzo the great awkward. do you remember gonzo? he was the beautifully weird muppet who fully embraced his awesomeness despite being rejected on a regular basis. […]

what’s on a brown, nerdy woman’s mind

April 26, 2014


as i was sitting in a corner coffee shop working away this afternoon, i looked up and spotted a very handsome guy looking at me. or he could have been looking past me since i’m sitting in front of the window and it’s absolutely gorgeous in seattle today. i mean GORGEOUS! the sun is shining […]

i can’t keep calm because there is too much to do

February 22, 2014


i don’t think anyone would identify me as a calm person. it’s not because i’m always amped up and agitated. it’s more because i don’t like to sit still. i know how to be still. i just don’t like doing it. i was blessed with a natural abundance of energy and even in my thirties […]

10 fun facts to make you laugh and take life less seriously

July 25, 2013


everyone needs a good laugh every once in a while. well, actually you should be laughing every day. what’s wrong with you that you don’t laugh every day? never mind, i don’t feel like having a therapy session right now because i’m too busy laughing! you have heard laughter does the body good like a […]

seattle-area ufo crash happened before roswell, you’re welcome!

April 2, 2013


i rather enjoy learning cool new facts about my adopted city. actually, this isn’t about seattle, but it’s about a super awesome bit of history that happened just outside of seattle and i had no idea about it! let me back up a bit. when i was a kid i was obsessed with aliens. did […]

the next time you’re at starbucks, tell them your name is prim rose everdeen

September 14, 2012


okay today’s post has absolutely nothing to do with me except that i live in the coffee drinking/coffee lovers capital of the world. or maybe the universe? who knows. either way, we loves the coffee drink. we also have an equally strong affection toward reading. what else are you going to do when you have […]

between heaven and hellboy: an art show of comics revisioned

August 21, 2012


this post is past due as i attended this gallery opening back in july. i’m not sure what it is with me updating this site with the constant barrage of geeky things i do in seattle. it is what it is i guess. i can make promises to do better but i don’t make promises […]

She-Ra: Princess of Power Rocks the Geek Girl Con

August 20, 2012


there is a rumor floating around there that all girls want to be princesses and grown women want to be treated like princesses. let me clear something up for you. i didn’t grow up thinking i was helpless and had to be rescued by a prince to make my life a happy ending. somehow, i […]

tales from a brown girl at the emerald city con

May 4, 2012


i’m a geeky brown girl. i don’t really have to tell you that because you can see it in the headline of my site. you can also figure it out by reading my posts and check out my photos. i loves my geekiness. in fact, i never felt comfortable in my skin until i truly […]