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i’ll take my starbucks with a shot of shackles and shock

October 4, 2015


my body woke me up from what i can only assume was a peaceful sleep at 5am saturday morning. my reaction was anything but peaceful. i struggled to fall back to sleep for a few hours before i just gave up. i had a pretty lengthy to-do list so i decided to get started. first […]

umbrella, i don’t need no stinking umbrella

October 15, 2014


it’s raining in seattle. i know what you’re thinking. it’s always raining in seattle. wrong. it’s not always raining in seattle. we don’t mind you thinking that though because we don’t actually want you moving here and messing up our hodgepodge of hippie-hipster/geeky-chic/counter-culture/semi-progressive/multi-cultural-inclusive/seattle-freezy vibe. but it’s fall and fall does mean rain. i’m a self-professed vitamin […]

we were moving mountains long before we thought we could

September 8, 2014


this past weekend my hiking group, black people hike (bph) hit the tiger mountain west trail for what we thought would be a 5 mile hike round trip. turns out the high point trail (which doesn’t go all the way to the top) is 5 miles. the west trail is actually 4.4 miles one way. […]

the divas of dstinction take on the seattle scavenger hunt

May 6, 2013


seattle was a sight of perfection this past saturday when me and my sorors took on the challenge nation seattle challenge. we came, we saw, we conquered – sort of. okay the truth is we came in 164 out of 280 something. not stellar but boy did we have fun and we looked super cute […]

if you’re a teenager and you live in seattle, let’s keep it 100!

April 17, 2013


i don’t know many teens in the seattle area. mostly because few of my friends have children and those who do have infants. but i love the kids and i’ll do anything for them. so, if you are a teenager and you live in, or around the seattle area, i want to invite you to […]

seattle-area ufo crash happened before roswell, you’re welcome!

April 2, 2013


i rather enjoy learning cool new facts about my adopted city. actually, this isn’t about seattle, but it’s about a super awesome bit of history that happened just outside of seattle and i had no idea about it! let me back up a bit. when i was a kid i was obsessed with aliens. did […]

Masterminding at Starbucks in the CD is like entering a different world

January 19, 2013


i like to spend my free saturdays being productive because i don’t get a whole lot of them. there is always something or someone vying for my attention. this particular saturday was pretty eventful with volunteering for national day of service and then hittig the gym to work on my cheerleading body. ya’ll have no […]

seattle sets a world record at seattle snow day

January 15, 2013


one thing you should know about me is i love to make history. probably because i actually dig history. it’s dark and painful sometimes, but it’s also exhilarating and exciting and quite liberating. there is all that talk about not knowing your past means you’re destined to repeat it. whatever, i like knowing the past […]

just dancing lessons in westlake plaza after work, no biggie

August 28, 2012


some days, i just love seattle. there are many reason for my over-the-top adoration but today i present you with one simple reason. dancing! wait, let me explain. today was a rough day at the office. i was busy non-stop and my to-do list was a bear! i actually forgot what day it was. but […]

She-Ra: Princess of Power Rocks the Geek Girl Con

August 20, 2012


there is a rumor floating around there that all girls want to be princesses and grown women want to be treated like princesses. let me clear something up for you. i didn’t grow up thinking i was helpless and had to be rescued by a prince to make my life a happy ending. somehow, i […]