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getting lost in him as i hiked to lake annette

May 25, 2015


when i behold the beauty of your many wonders and i’m captivated by your majesty oh my soul rings out a sacred hallelujah back to the source from whence it came a three day weekend is a great chance to reset and refresh, if i do it right. i decided to spend my saturday hiking through […]

we were moving mountains long before we thought we could

September 8, 2014


this past weekend my hiking group, black people hike (bph) hit the tiger mountain west trail for what we thought would be a 5 mile hike round trip. turns out the high point trail (which doesn’t go all the way to the top) is 5 miles. the west trail is actually 4.4 miles one way. […]

the divas of dstinction take on the seattle scavenger hunt

May 6, 2013


seattle was a sight of perfection this past saturday when me and my sorors took on the challenge nation seattle challenge. we came, we saw, we conquered – sort of. okay the truth is we came in 164 out of 280 something. not stellar but boy did we have fun and we looked super cute […]

seattle sets a world record at seattle snow day

January 15, 2013


one thing you should know about me is i love to make history. probably because i actually dig history. it’s dark and painful sometimes, but it’s also exhilarating and exciting and quite liberating. there is all that talk about not knowing your past means you’re destined to repeat it. whatever, i like knowing the past […]

hiking through the ape caves was like walking through moria

September 8, 2012


i spent hours climbing through the ape caves at mt. st. helens in southern washington with some awesome friends, what did you do?! we started our trek bright an early from seattle and headed south to woodland where our adventures began. let me start by saying i had no idea it was so close to […]

church retreat in the woods means relaxation and rejuvenation

September 3, 2012


every year our church takes a retreat to a camp in the middle of nowhere. it’s really in the middle of nowhere. there is a native america reservation and casino, some horses, a bunch of dusty roads and white picket fences and not a whole lot more. driving out there with my new elle varner […]

team honeybees takes on the urban scavenger hunt

June 1, 2012


aw, the sweet sweet smell of competition! us seattleites go hard when it comes to proving our mettle in competition and wits. the crazier the better. thankfully, i have friends who aren’t afraid to join me in my quests to explore and conquer seattle. that is how team honey bees was born! on a perfectly normal saturday, […]

the fields are alive with the sight of tulips

April 15, 2012


one of the cool things about living in the pacific northwest is the abundant beauty. you hear me talk about the mountains and the water but you probably never heard me mention the flowers and the rainforest and the waterfalls and the vineyards. this past weekend i ventured north an hour to experience the beauty […]

i got sunshine … on shilshoe bay

February 4, 2012


today was beeeea-u-tiful! i mean the sun was out the air was warm and the emerald city just sparkled! i went to bed super early friday night (9pm!) so i was up and at them bright and early today. i actually watched the sun rise. awesome. honestly, how often do we do that? watch the […]

On the Trail – Twin Falls

September 20, 2011


Since many of my friends have never gone hiking before, I have gotten tons of requests to hit the trails with them. How awesome is that? I get to get my Annie Oakley on and share my passion for the outdoors, and specifically the Pacific Northwest, with my city friends. To be clear, I am […]