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true friendship is pure magic

November 30, 2014


after the latest edition of america doesn’t give a fuck about black people, i really needed to find some joy in my tears. there is truth in that saying you have to laugh to keep from crying. at this moment, i find myself all cried out. thankfully, my best friend was able to spend thanksgiving […]

let’s get tipsy and artsy all at the same time

December 10, 2013


what happens when you combine your best girlfriends, paint and wine? a party! i hardly ever get to hang out with my friends when i go home for the holidays. it’s usually all about the family. but this time i wanted to make sure i saw my peeps. we scheduled a paint and sip party […]

a great gatsby themed holiday party is the best idea ever!

November 8, 2013


for some reason people are all gaga over the great gatsby era. since the movie came out last spring, there have been no shortages of parties boasting a great gatsby theme. for the first time ever, i found myself on the guest list of such an extravagant party and i have to say, it was […]

going to the chapel of love … as a bridesmaid

September 17, 2013


i’m not big on weddings. i plan to elope and have a fun bbq reception after where everyone can come eat, dance and be normal in normal clothes. i do want a photo booth and super geeky cupcakes. oh and my dad has to make ribs. he has to. like it’s not even up for […]

celebrating the holidays with my besties for life — bff style!

January 3, 2013


I don’t visit my home state of Missouri very often. Well, maybe I do. I tend to get home twice a year. I have friends that go home all the time so I always feel like a slacker. But in 2012, I was privileged enough to have not one, but two reunions with my best […]

ringing in the new year … hello 2012

January 1, 2012


aw, the start of a new year always brings the promise of great things to come. and who doesn’t want great things to come? most people make new years resolutions and vow to achieve goals that have gone unachieved year after year. but this year could be the year. this year could be different! i […]

Hang low the mistletoe …

December 11, 2011


it’s holiday season again and of course i’m always on the hunt for ways to celebrate in seattle. the last two years i’ve attended work holiday parties and the sulyp holiday party. my new job doesn’t do holiday parties (we’re kind of small!) so this year it’s just the sulyp party. it was a cool […]

Yes, brown people like karaoke, too!

December 4, 2011


this post is both embarrassing and fun to write. embarrassing because i am a horrible singer. always have been. i’ll NEVER forget getting kicked out of choir in middle school because i couldn’t sing. mrs. rupp, the choir teacher was preparing us for a concert and she had us singing row by row because someone […]

halloween pacific northwest style

October 30, 2011


i like to cosplay and halloween is a large scale, socially acceptable excuse to cosplay. who can argue with such a thing? this year i had many costumes to choose from and many party options. i settled for one – the buffalo sock party: halloween edition – in honor of a few friends and their […]

Seattle Art Museum REMIX

August 21, 2011


I volunteer regularly at the Seattle Art Museum, or SAM as it’s fondly known around here. I love art. I find it riveting to be in the presence of great works of art. It’s not common for me to consider myself an artist. I am very creative and find time to paint every now and […]