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let me introduce you to your beauty

November 18, 2014


we live in a world obsessed with beauty. for women, our self-worth can easily become wrapped in our ratings on the beauty scale. it affects our social status, career advancement, financial security, and even perceived intelligence. that bit about beauty being in the eyes of the beholder is a fallacy women of color are forced […]

a movement in the key of praise

July 26, 2014


i am not a musician i am not a singer. i am not where i want to be. i am not consistent. i am not perfect. have you ever noticed when it comes to talking about our spiritual walk how often we start describing ourselves by saying what we are not? you can nod, it’s okay. i […]

let’s get tipsy and artsy all at the same time

December 10, 2013


what happens when you combine your best girlfriends, paint and wine? a party! i hardly ever get to hang out with my friends when i go home for the holidays. it’s usually all about the family. but this time i wanted to make sure i saw my peeps. we scheduled a paint and sip party […]

I discovered my cosmic self at an art gallery opening

September 1, 2012


One of my dear friends is an artist in every sense of the word. She breaths art. It oozes from her lips in the words she speaks, the clothes she wears and even the way she styles her hair. She speaks art the way I speak geek. Check out her blog! So I was thrilled […]

friends + dinner + art = the fabric of our lives

April 9, 2012


spending time with my friends is very important to me. i believe you have to work hard to cultivate relationships and keep them growing deeper and stronger. the seattle winter/early spring climate allows for a lot of friendship cultivation time! that is how i found myself hanging out with my friend shaquita on capitol hill […]

the jewels of artful expression

January 29, 2012


i fancy myself an artist of sorts. i paint and attempt to draw and make crafty things whenever i feel too stressed to think. art is a release for me in another way that dancing and writing are. i’ve never considered myself particularly talented in visual art but that hasn’t stopped me from buying canvases […]