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i see you dajerria becton

June 8, 2015


i don’t usually go outside to cry. to connect with nature, to commune with god, sure. but today was not like any other day. today i struggled to put aside the growing rage in my soul and focus on my days work. today i spent the day remembering all the times i felt terrified by […]

i am unable to can

May 1, 2015


dear ‘merica, good-bye and thanks for all the fish. wait, that’s the wrong letter. my apologies. i will start again. good-bye and thanks for all the opportunities you have provided me and my fellow black brothers and sisters to can’t over the years. really, when you promised access to the american dream, i had no […]

changing the things i cannot accept

January 5, 2015


the new year brings out the optimism in people in ways you would never expect. hey team #newyearnewme! i see you. unlike many people screaming at you to stop declaring things they think will never happen, i say declare as much as you want. first, why does it bother them so much that you want […]

warning: cloak may cause invisibility

December 22, 2014


writing is my therapy. over these last few months, with mounting racial tensions, outright displays of hatred, and low-key disbelief that my america has too many throwback moments to yesteryear, i find myself writing daily. multiple times a day. i have to get it out. because if i keep all this pain, anger, and rage […]

get up and go

December 2, 2014


have you ever just gotten in your car and driven off into the sunset without an actual plan for where you will end up? do you think you could ever be the kind of person who does that at least once? i fully believe every woman should be “that girl” at least once in her […]

did i live up to the expectations of 12-year-old me?

October 13, 2014


i am a middle child and i live with all the baggage that brings. i’m also the only girl, which adds yet another complicated layer to the core of my identity. did i mention i’m black? yeah, that’s pretty big, too. while i’m at it, i’ll divulge that i’m short, extroverted, christian, single, hard of hearing, and […]

we’re all a little bit gonzo on the inside

October 1, 2014


i’m going to go ahead and say it. lately, i’ve been feeling awkward. not the usual “she dances to the beat of her own drum” awkward but straight up gonzo the great awkward. do you remember gonzo? he was the beautifully weird muppet who fully embraced his awesomeness despite being rejected on a regular basis. […]

i am not my hair or something like that

September 24, 2014


the other day i read a facebook status that broke my heart. it was a simple statement about hair loss, but it was charged with the heavy weight of the role hair plays in our identity, beauty, and to some extent, self-worth. the post was made by one of my college friends who is battling cancer. sigh. […]

serena williams taught me to live like a boss

September 5, 2014


go ahead and say it. you have a girl crush on serena williams. how can you not? the amount of passion and power she brings to the game of tennis is unfathomable. sometimes i get intoxicated just watching her. you can drown in the intensity alone. but something that is often overlooked – and perhaps underrated […]

i’ve been thinking, that song is pure tmi!

March 21, 2014


i been thinking, i been thinking. i get pissed when that song gets in my head. i been thinking, i been thinking. why can’t i make it through a day without hearing it, i want to for real. yes i do. i know i cannot be the only one who is super duper over the […]