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make me feel so damn unpretty

January 23, 2016


one of the first things people tell you when you start your loc journey is there will be some bad days and some good days. you will question your decision multiple times as you go through stages of itchy scalp, dull hair, uncontrollable frizzies, and a host of other things based on the length, thickness, […]

i’m all locked up

January 10, 2016


after many months of contemplating, i have finally decided to commit. i’m not a commitment-phobe. i tend to make decisions and stick to them. for some reason, this commitment seemed to require more time and a full pro/con list.  i did my googles so i knew what to expect if and when i said yes. i’m […]

swimming with a black face in a white space

October 19, 2015


i am not a strong swimmer. i know how to swim and i enjoy being in the water, but i don’t know how to tread water so i tend to only go to the deep end with an immediate return trip in mind. every once in a while, i swim away from the shore and just […]

i’ll take my starbucks with a shot of shackles and shock

October 4, 2015


my body woke me up from what i can only assume was a peaceful sleep at 5am saturday morning. my reaction was anything but peaceful. i struggled to fall back to sleep for a few hours before i just gave up. i had a pretty lengthy to-do list so i decided to get started. first […]

things you can’t do while being black in america

July 21, 2015


i didn’t want to make this list. i’m probably not the first person to make this list. if you do a google search, you might come across more of these lists of things black people can’t do in america. and that sucks. the fact that this list does exist is a problem. this is america. […]

fragile: please handle with care

June 21, 2015


in church today, we talked about taking care of things that are fragile. when something is both precious and fragile, you go to great lengths to ensure it is handled with care. you don’t want it to be damaged. you don’t want it to be broken. you don’t want to lose it because it is […]

monday motivational music: always sisters

May 18, 2015


this week as i thought about what kind of motivation i needed to kick things off right, i couldn’t help but smile. over the last few weeks, i have spent time with, or had the opportunity to celebrate, some of the most amazing women who have done some amazing things. when i think about the […]

i need you to feel me

January 31, 2015


we are a country of shouters. the one who shouts loudest, longest wins. wait. that’s not entirely true. you are more likely to win when you have the power to set the perimeters for the shouting – when, where, how, and why. so, to recap, the person who has the power to decide when we can all […]

warning: cloak may cause invisibility

December 22, 2014


writing is my therapy. over these last few months, with mounting racial tensions, outright displays of hatred, and low-key disbelief that my america has too many throwback moments to yesteryear, i find myself writing daily. multiple times a day. i have to get it out. because if i keep all this pain, anger, and rage […]

i can’t be super all the time

December 17, 2014


i want to be a super hero. really badly. did i say really badly? oh, i did. good, because i want to be a super hero really badly.  i wish i could fly. i wish i could teleport. i wish i could control weather. i wish i could heal quickly. i wish i could have […]