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i can’t breathe … this is the air i breathe

December 7, 2014


i am still “high” right now. today … about today. i’ll just say i was wrecked. from the worship, to the word, to the opportunity to minister. wrecked! as a nerdy black woman, there are few things i remain shy about these days. you tend to naturally stand out in the crowd when you’re one […]

revolutions are started by students

December 3, 2014


dear high school and college students, i write this love letter to you as i’m struggling to mend my broken heart. i weep as yet another legal decision ignores evidence of a crime, instead choosing to minimize the value of black and brown lives in this version of america you are soon to inherit. i […]

umbrella, i don’t need no stinking umbrella

October 15, 2014


it’s raining in seattle. i know what you’re thinking. it’s always raining in seattle. wrong. it’s not always raining in seattle. we don’t mind you thinking that though because we don’t actually want you moving here and messing up our hodgepodge of hippie-hipster/geeky-chic/counter-culture/semi-progressive/multi-cultural-inclusive/seattle-freezy vibe. but it’s fall and fall does mean rain. i’m a self-professed vitamin […]

he wants all of what?

September 12, 2014


have you ever gotten an earworm that refuses to go away? what am i saying. of course you have. everyone has had that one song — you know the one — that you hear and it gets stuck in you head. earworms are usually annoying songs you hate. that hate seems to make the earworm […]

we were moving mountains long before we thought we could

September 8, 2014


this past weekend my hiking group, black people hike (bph) hit the tiger mountain west trail for what we thought would be a 5 mile hike round trip. turns out the high point trail (which doesn’t go all the way to the top) is 5 miles. the west trail is actually 4.4 miles one way. […]

serena williams taught me to live like a boss

September 5, 2014


go ahead and say it. you have a girl crush on serena williams. how can you not? the amount of passion and power she brings to the game of tennis is unfathomable. sometimes i get intoxicated just watching her. you can drown in the intensity alone. but something that is often overlooked – and perhaps underrated […]

use your words: exploring the narrative of inhumanity that shapes black america

September 4, 2014


after ferguson erupted onto the national stage, i was appalled, although not the least bit surprised, by the rhetoric that quickly switched from shock to rage to blame to utter disrespect for black life. it hurt. it still hurts. honestly, it always hurts. i know all to well how a continued narrative on inhumanity shapes […]

do you know how to will what you want

August 1, 2014


when we’re youngens, we have lots of dreams and plans for our future. we don’t know that our games of make-believe and dress up can be crushed under the weight of family and societal expectations. in our free play, we can be and do what we want. if it can be conceived in our imaginations, […]

i went to italy and all i brought back were these memories

July 11, 2014


where do i begin? last month (june) i took a two-week vacation with my mom to italy. there are a few things you need to know. first, my mom has wanted to go to italy forever. second, we haven’t taken a vacation together since 2006. third, this was my mom’s first international trip. lastly, we […]

stop trying to make fetch happen

May 29, 2014


there is nothing worse than when someone tries super hard to be cooler than they actually are. everyone knows the cool kids were secretly awkward kids who didn’t know how to disguise their awkwardness and somehow became cool. or they were super sucky meanies. either way, working to be cool is the epitome of lame. […]