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bet you can’t reach just one

January 28, 2016


have you ever been sitting at your desk minding your own business, lost in your work happy work place, when your stream of consciousness gets hijacked? please, tell me I’m not the only one!  that happened to me the other day. out of the blue! i was doing some research on how to make incremental changes […]

you can’t always solve for x

June 4, 2015


i’m not big on math. i made it up to calculus in high school but promptly dropped the class when i failed the first test the start of my senior year. i wasn’t about that failure life back then. well, nothing has changed. failing sucks. but i blame mr. hayman, my trig teacher for making […]

getting lost in him as i hiked to lake annette

May 25, 2015


when i behold the beauty of your many wonders and i’m captivated by your majesty oh my soul rings out a sacred hallelujah back to the source from whence it came a three day weekend is a great chance to reset and refresh, if i do it right. i decided to spend my saturday hiking through […]

he wants all of what?

September 12, 2014


have you ever gotten an earworm that refuses to go away? what am i saying. of course you have. everyone has had that one song — you know the one — that you hear and it gets stuck in you head. earworms are usually annoying songs you hate. that hate seems to make the earworm […]

just couldn’t leave well enough alone

August 22, 2014


you know who doesn’t know how to leave well enough alone? God. i was minding my own business doing my thing in life and He just had to interrupt. you know something is out of wack when God interrupts your daily routine. it started with a dinner. food is my ultimate love language. there is […]