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just couldn’t leave well enough alone

August 22, 2014


you know who doesn’t know how to leave well enough alone? God. i was minding my own business doing my thing in life and He just had to interrupt. you know something is out of wack when God interrupts your daily routine. it started with a dinner. food is my ultimate love language. there is […]

what’s on a brown, nerdy woman’s mind

April 26, 2014


as i was sitting in a corner coffee shop working away this afternoon, i looked up and spotted a very handsome guy looking at me. or he could have been looking past me since i’m sitting in front of the window and it’s absolutely gorgeous in seattle today. i mean GORGEOUS! the sun is shining […]

up all night, brunch in the morning

January 28, 2012


you guys know how much i love me some food. foodie? absolutely. i don’t use clever words to describe food but i don’t really have to. my name is nourisha. i was destined to love food. end of story! and so this post is about food. after a night of drinking and dancing and general […]

Lunching at Luna Park Cafe

August 4, 2011


Seattle is home to seriously strange eating establishments. We like our food with a side of freak. What can I say? It does make for great dinning and tons of fun. That is precisely what greeted me at Luna Park Cafe in West Seattle. West Seattle is an interesting neighborhood in and of itself. There’s […]

Food in a cube – it’s time to compost

July 24, 2011


Have you ever thought about what one weeks of food scraps looks like? Chances are you haven’t given it much thought. Unless you live in Seattle, where compost is lunch time conversation. I’m a gardener and so I know all about compost, but until I moved to Seattle, I wasn’t well versed in the intricate […]

Sunday Jazz Brunch

July 14, 2011


Sunday is considered by many to be the laziest day of the week. It’s the sabbath after all and that means rest! What better way to rest and relax than by enjoying a great jazz brunch? Lucid Jazz Lounge in the UDistrict understands that very well. And that is how I found myself at Lucid […]