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10 things i’m grateful for on my 36th birthday

November 10, 2014


i love my birthday. for starters, it’s a national holiday. this is not my vanity talking. i was born on veterans’ day. so yeah, stuff shuts down on my birthday. you hear that? i shut it down. hehehe. but seriously, thank you to all of our service men and women. your sacrifice is a tremendous […]

stop trying to make fetch happen

May 29, 2014


there is nothing worse than when someone tries super hard to be cooler than they actually are. everyone knows the cool kids were secretly awkward kids who didn’t know how to disguise their awkwardness and somehow became cool. or they were super sucky meanies. either way, working to be cool is the epitome of lame. […]

you don’t own all the problems in the world

March 10, 2014


if you’re happy and you know it do these things

August 14, 2013


when you were a kid you definitely sang if you’re happy and you know it clap your hands. it was probably one of the first songs you actually learned how to sing. well, maybe besides patty cake. the song is pretty simple. if you’re happy the way you show it is to clap your hands, […]

living life with no regrets

June 26, 2013


this past month i’ve had the privilege of caring for my brother and late sister-in-law’s youngest two children. i can’t begin to express how much i love those kids! they are my world. and living so far away makes my heart ache. it was really tough when my sister was living out her last days […]