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i ain’t afraid of your no

December 1, 2014


i was chatting with my friend today on gchat as we tend to do every day and i had an epiphany. i really like epiphanies because they are those elusive ah ha moments that mean something finally clicked in your mind that can be the catalyst for you removing limitations in your thinking, actions, and […]

10 things i’m grateful for on my 36th birthday

November 10, 2014


i love my birthday. for starters, it’s a national holiday. this is not my vanity talking. i was born on veterans’ day. so yeah, stuff shuts down on my birthday. you hear that? i shut it down. hehehe. but seriously, thank you to all of our service men and women. your sacrifice is a tremendous […]

i’ve got the answers to the secrets of life

January 22, 2014


got a secret can you keep it? swear this one you’ll save better lock it, in your pocket taking this one to the grave if i show you then i know you won’t tell what i said cause two can keep a secret if one of them is dead… ~ pretty little liars theme song […]

living life with no regrets

June 26, 2013


this past month i’ve had the privilege of caring for my brother and late sister-in-law’s youngest two children. i can’t begin to express how much i love those kids! they are my world. and living so far away makes my heart ache. it was really tough when my sister was living out her last days […]