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monday motivational music: shake it off

June 1, 2015


this morning i woke up in an allergy medicine fog. my brain didn’t work. it didn’t help that the first thing i saw this morning was a text baring tidings of sadness for someone i care about. i laid in my bed staring at the ceiling as i often do thinking i didn’t really want […]

monday motivational music: light the universe

April 20, 2015


music has magical powers. it can alter your mood in just a matter of minutes. everything from the lyrics to the melodies to the sound of the voice crooning over the track affect how you feel and relate to the world around you. it’s also quite suggestive! when you’re putting together your workout mix, you […]

songs in the key of life

December 4, 2014


singing ain’t my thing. i’ve said it plenty of times and i’m sure you all know me well enough to take my word for it. that hasn’t stopped me from singing, of course, because i completely believe in the healing powers of music. no matter what mood you find yourself in, there is a song […]

i’ve been thinking, that song is pure tmi!

March 21, 2014


i been thinking, i been thinking. i get pissed when that song gets in my head. i been thinking, i been thinking. why can’t i make it through a day without hearing it, i want to for real. yes i do. i know i cannot be the only one who is super duper over the […]