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i’ll take my starbucks with a shot of shackles and shock

October 4, 2015


my body woke me up from what i can only assume was a peaceful sleep at 5am saturday morning. my reaction was anything but peaceful. i struggled to fall back to sleep for a few hours before i just gave up. i had a pretty lengthy to-do list so i decided to get started. first […]

getting lost in him as i hiked to lake annette

May 25, 2015


when i behold the beauty of your many wonders and i’m captivated by your majesty oh my soul rings out a sacred hallelujah back to the source from whence it came a three day weekend is a great chance to reset and refresh, if i do it right. i decided to spend my saturday hiking through […]

deltas do it best

January 13, 2015


i’m so happy to be celebrating 102 years of sisterhood, scholarship, and service with more than 300,000 sorors around the world today as we recognize the day of our founding. can i just say, we look damn good for 102! in the midst of the chanting, stepping, singing, shouting, duckwalking, fortituding, and eating together as […]

i can’t breathe … this is the air i breathe

December 7, 2014


i am still “high” right now. today … about today. i’ll just say i was wrecked. from the worship, to the word, to the opportunity to minister. wrecked! as a nerdy black woman, there are few things i remain shy about these days. you tend to naturally stand out in the crowd when you’re one […]

revolutions are started by students

December 3, 2014


dear high school and college students, i write this love letter to you as i’m struggling to mend my broken heart. i weep as yet another legal decision ignores evidence of a crime, instead choosing to minimize the value of black and brown lives in this version of america you are soon to inherit. i […]

true friendship is pure magic

November 30, 2014


after the latest edition of america doesn’t give a fuck about black people, i really needed to find some joy in my tears. there is truth in that saying you have to laugh to keep from crying. at this moment, i find myself all cried out. thankfully, my best friend was able to spend thanksgiving […]

talking to strangers at bars is a great thing

November 22, 2014


you know how they say life is stranger than fiction? it really is. some of the experiences i have living in seattle are truly too good to make up. and that’s one of the many reasons i enjoy my life in seattle. no matter what bar or restaurant i find myself in, i seem to […]

10 things i’m grateful for on my 36th birthday

November 10, 2014


i love my birthday. for starters, it’s a national holiday. this is not my vanity talking. i was born on veterans’ day. so yeah, stuff shuts down on my birthday. you hear that? i shut it down. hehehe. but seriously, thank you to all of our service men and women. your sacrifice is a tremendous […]

what i learned from the royals in our quest to take the crown

October 29, 2014


i’m kansas city born and raised. i have an unbelievable amount of pride for my home town. i currently live thousands of miles away in seattle but i represent hardcore for my sports teams and my city week after week. tonight, as we lick our wounds and cry our tears of sadness at losing the […]

umbrella, i don’t need no stinking umbrella

October 15, 2014


it’s raining in seattle. i know what you’re thinking. it’s always raining in seattle. wrong. it’s not always raining in seattle. we don’t mind you thinking that though because we don’t actually want you moving here and messing up our hodgepodge of hippie-hipster/geeky-chic/counter-culture/semi-progressive/multi-cultural-inclusive/seattle-freezy vibe. but it’s fall and fall does mean rain. i’m a self-professed vitamin […]