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what’s on a brown, nerdy woman’s mind

April 26, 2014


as i was sitting in a corner coffee shop working away this afternoon, i looked up and spotted a very handsome guy looking at me. or he could have been looking past me since i’m sitting in front of the window and it’s absolutely gorgeous in seattle today. i mean GORGEOUS! the sun is shining […]

the divas of dstinction take on the seattle scavenger hunt

May 6, 2013


seattle was a sight of perfection this past saturday when me and my sorors took on the challenge nation seattle challenge. we came, we saw, we conquered – sort of. okay the truth is we came in 164 out of 280 something. not stellar but boy did we have fun and we looked super cute […]

no walk in the park … or is it?

March 4, 2012


the sun made a stellar appearance this past saturday and being winter — and the season of no sun — seattlites went crazy! i personally headed over to green lake to snap some pictures, get in some nature-inspired reflection and mediation and of course walk the trail for a little exercise. as to be expected […]

i got sunshine … on shilshoe bay

February 4, 2012


today was beeeea-u-tiful! i mean the sun was out the air was warm and the emerald city just sparkled! i went to bed super early friday night (9pm!) so i was up and at them bright and early today. i actually watched the sun rise. awesome. honestly, how often do we do that? watch the […]

Renton River Days 2011

July 24, 2011


There are a few things I love about summers in Seattle. There is the awesomeness of the sun. Let that marinate for a bit. It’s that important. There is also the abundance of festivals to fill my weekends with glee and rob my wallet of money. This past weekend I ventured south of the city […]

Sunbreak for lunch break

July 14, 2011


It’s summer and therefore, sunshine is supposed to be a part of our regularly scheduled program. Notice I said supposed to be. Unfortunately, we don’t get to control the weather and Seattle isn’t always the most cooperative when it comes to weather. She’s a beast of her own design and like Forest Gump said, you […]