That’s Me

i know what you’re thinking.

who is this crazy girl who came up with the clever idea to make fun of seattle’s weather while playing on its most famous pop culture reference?┬áthat would be me! i’m just your average gal living and loving life in seattle. i’ve been here a few years now and i can’t imagine not living here. i love it. but even my love for seattle has its challenges when the sun goes into hibernation. so, i thought i should create a site for all those other seattle transplant gals struggling in sunless seattle.

… but wait, there’s more.

i adore all things geek – technology, scifi, fantasy, comic books, superheroes, video games, board games, cosplay, anime and of course my cons! you will definitely be introduced to geek culture from this brown girls point of view.

you will truly get to explore the wonders that are the pacific north west. i am an outdoors girl who takes full advantage of the hiking, biking, running, camping, kayaking, fishing, boating, snowboarding, geo caching, climbing and sunbathing seattle has to offer.

finally, you will get insight into my life as a black woman in america. these are difficult times for brown people and i’m 100% committed to telling my story and sharing my truth. reading these pages mean agreeing to journey through the pain and joy that comes with walking a day in my shoes. glad you decided to come along for the ride!!!

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4 Responses “That’s Me” →
  1. Hi Risha!
    Love the web site…very well done!


  2. Very cool site. Always good to help the Seattle transplants out. It can be hard finding your way in Seattle when you are brown girl.

  3. thanks kim! i do what i can for the people! lol


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