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monday motivational music: black lives matter

May 4, 2015


a lot has happened since last week’s motivational music selection. for some, it was business as usual. for others, the world turned upside down. well, truthfully, we witnessed another cycle of what passes for normal in a world hell-bent on silencing the black voice, squelching the black rage, shaming the black pain, and breaking the […]

if we burn you burn with us

April 27, 2015


another day, another death, another funeral, another march, another protest, another militarized attack/response, another news cycle calling black people thugs and criminals, another shouting match on social media, another call for peace, another demand to forget and move on, another day in the life of a black american. i am depleted. my blackness is not a […]

what is the state of our union?

January 20, 2015


tonight we heard potus deliver yet another state of the union speech. riveting stuff. really. he made a lot of points about the growth of the economy and laid out how important access to education and employment are to the success of all americans living the dream. the dream. this has been the week of […]

battles are fought and won on many fronts

December 11, 2014


when you hear the battle cry it is easy to get caught up in the call for war and not take a step back and look at the bigger picture. i. am. guilty. i never begrudge anyone their right to pick and choose which battles they are going to fight. i know there is great […]

revolutions are started by students

December 3, 2014


dear high school and college students, i write this love letter to you as i’m struggling to mend my broken heart. i weep as yet another legal decision ignores evidence of a crime, instead choosing to minimize the value of black and brown lives in this version of america you are soon to inherit. i […]