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monday motivational music: black lives matter

a lot has happened since last week’s motivational music selection. for some, it was business as usual. for others, the world turned upside down. well, truthfully, we witnessed another cycle of what passes for normal in a world hell-bent on silencing the black voice, squelching the black rage, shaming the black pain, and breaking the black spirit. #blacklivesmatter

but we’re tired. and when you’re tired, you get desperate. and when you’re desperate, you have nothing to lose. it is not possible to exist in a state of desperation long-term. it will overwhelm you until you the darkness closes in on you and you lose all hope. we are a people who hope and dream and act. this time we will be seen and heard.

i’m so honored to share this week’s monday motivational music selection with you. it’s a powerful spoken word piece written and performed by my sisterfriend ashley. it did something to me on the inside that i’m struggling to contain as i sit at my day job surrounded by people who don’t understand or can’t relate to my pain and exhaustion. but as i share this, i pray it gives voice to your pain and gives strength to your burning unapologetic resistance. we see you. we hear you. we speak with you. we stand together. #blacklivesmatter

you can check out her album and book at her website. get you a copy of both because you will be blessed.

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