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Masterminding at Starbucks in the CD is like entering a different world

January 19, 2013


i like to spend my free saturdays being productive because i don’t get a whole lot of them. there is always something or someone vying for my attention. this particular saturday was pretty eventful with volunteering for national day of service and then hittig the gym to work on my cheerleading body. ya’ll have no […]

the next time you’re at starbucks, tell them your name is prim rose everdeen

September 14, 2012


okay today’s post has absolutely nothing to do with me except that i live in the coffee drinking/coffee lovers capital of the world. or maybe the universe? who knows. either way, we loves the coffee drink. we also have an equally strong affection toward reading. what else are you going to do when you have […]

Catching up over Empire Coffee

December 18, 2011


seattle is king of java. i’m not sure anywhere else in the world does it better. this is solely based on my limited experience but seattle’s abundance of coffee houses certainly suggests that i’m on to something. we like to be caffeinated. i’m not a java snob by any means. i don’t think starbucks is […]