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Catching up over Empire Coffee

seattle is king of java. i’m not sure anywhere else in the world does it better. this is solely based on my limited experience but seattle’s abundance of coffee houses certainly suggests that i’m on to something. we like to be caffeinated.

i’m not a java snob by any means. i don’t think starbucks is awesome and i’ve enjoyed lattes and mochas and americanos from many little independent coffee shops around the city. it’s pretty much guaranteed that EVERY neighborhood has their own coffeshop. and the locals are crazy about their spots! don’t go in there acting crazy.

today i met a friend for coffee at a very cool place in columbia city. columbia city is an interesting neighborhood because it has the flair of diversity but most of the home owners are in fact white. honestly, that’s most of seattle so what can you do? anyway, this place was great. i got to catch up with my girl while sipping on a delicious mocha and listening to the locals cheer on the seahawks on the screen. yes, the coffeeshop shows the game! is that not a win/win?

i definitely plan to make my way back to empire expresso because i enjoyed the atmosphere, the clientele, the java and definitely the waffles! i hear they have great paninis too but i’m not into hard bread like that. to make sure you fully grasp the awesomeness of this little jewel i’ve included a few photos. enjoy! and if you live in seattle, make your way to columbia city and spend some time in the empire expresso bar.

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