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the next time you’re at starbucks, tell them your name is prim rose everdeen

okay today’s post has absolutely nothing to do with me except that i live in the coffee drinking/coffee lovers capital of the world. or maybe the universe? who knows. either way, we loves the coffee drink. we also have an equally strong affection toward reading. what else are you going to do when you have 9 months of rain besides drink coffee and read books? exactly.

so as i was searching for great social media content to share with my audiences of thousands of teens for work, i discovered this crazy good video called hunger games for math nerds. i’m not a math nerd. the idea of math being cool is exciting and enticing to me. however, i don’t speak arithmetic in anything more than primal dialect. and so i was just along for the hunger games analysis ride.

you see, i adored hunger games. mostly because i know given any opportunity to rage against the machine, be it skynet, dictators, zombies, or aliens, i will emerge as a leader. a true force to be reckoned with. consider me 100% badass. *drops mic and walks away* and so i present to you this video of one math nerds pie chart field rant about the hunger games. oh, and you’re probably wondering where the coffee comes in to play. you know how you give those fabulous baristas a name to write on your cup when you order that over-priced, overly-sweet and overly-stuffed with calories liquid crack? yep, just tell them your name is prime rose everdeen, and when they call your name to collect your drink. wait for it … yep, you yell with gusto and passion “I VOLUNTEER!!!!!” pow!

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