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i never can say good-bye

May 27, 2015


good-bye is a strange word. it implies that going away is a good thing, completely absent of the realities of the loss that comes with it. sometimes saying good-bye is a good thing. we can all stand to let a few things go (i’m looking at you twinkies!). but mostly, saying good-bye means that something […]

in honor of sweet baby jesus

December 18, 2014


you ever have those days when you get all in your feelings and can’t seem to find your way out? that describes me perfectly right now! it started with my older brother posting a poem to my late sister-in-law’s facebook wall. it’s been almost two years but just thinking about her takes me instantly to […]

i don’t want your pieces

September 17, 2014


the older you get, the more you realize how important it is to surround yourself with people who love you, support you, and mean you well. you need iron because iron sharpens iron. it’s common for your “circle” of friends to ebb and flow as your life stages change. hopefully, there are some people who […]

Revisiting the worst day of my life a year later

February 16, 2014


my sister’s smile and laugh were so contagious that if she started it, everyone joined in. her laugh is the thing i hear most in my head on the days i can’t help but miss her. she left this world a year ago today and things aren’t any easier. my friend jj told me it […]

living life with no regrets

June 26, 2013


this past month i’ve had the privilege of caring for my brother and late sister-in-law’s youngest two children. i can’t begin to express how much i love those kids! they are my world. and living so far away makes my heart ache. it was really tough when my sister was living out her last days […]

reflections on losing my sister and joining the world’s greatest sisterhood

March 29, 2013


the last few months for me and my family have been rough. on february 16th, my beautiful and very young sister lost her battle to cancer. it attacked swiftly and with a vengeance and we had two years to accept and, in the end, say goodbye. my heart aches daily for our loss, for my […]