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Renton River Days 2011

i <3 all things geeky!

There are a few things I love about summers in Seattle. There is the awesomeness of the sun. Let that marinate for a bit. It’s that important. There is also the abundance of festivals to fill my weekends with glee and rob my wallet of money. This past weekend I ventured south of the city to Renton for the Renton River Days.

This was my first time heading out to this festival and to be honest, it wasn’t that spectacular. Maybe if I had children with me it would have been better. I say that because this festival is clearly geared toward kids with all the activities and fun like rock climbing walls, giant soccer balls, arts and crafts, video games and a bunch of other things that were only for the kiddies. Gotta love the kiddies so I’m not mad.

But festivals for me are about the food and the vendors. We spent an hour trying on hair facinators before walking away with two each. We also stopped by an olive oil and shea butter soap and lotion stand, a geek stand that had tons of buttons and pillows and a few other art vendors. My friend got a tarrot card reading and we learned about mediation. Overall, it was pretty cool for a few hours. The sun was shining and we had something to do. I can’t complain. I will NEVER complain when the sun is out. I’ve made that my new mantra. If the sun is out, you will be happy – end of story!


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