My Favorite Things, She Speaks Geek

just call me a wordsmith

i like words. a lot. i went to school to be a writer. i have five blogs and i update them fairly regularly. i play words with friends before going to bed. i play scrabble by myself and of course with friends. i make up words. i decorate with words. i collect words. i get paid to string words together in coherent or not so coherent sentences. i like the rhythm of words. i like the shape of words. i like the sound of words. i like words.

so i took the words from my about me page and made a tag cloud with them. it’s nothing special. just me in my seattleite, geeky girl brownness loving words and making them make sense. check it out! this is what’s on my mind. hehehe

Nourisha Wells

I'm cool and incredibly fun. I geek out on scifi/fantasy/action, video games, comics, superheroes and the outdoors. I pwnd the interwebs for a living.

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