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oh the weather outside is frightful … seattle snow

one thing you should know about seattle. we freak the heck out when it snows. we know it’s irrational. we know it makes us look crazy. we know people in other parts of the country make fun of us. we don’t care. we get crazy when it snows. accept it!

part of the reason we get crazy is snow doesn’t happen often. we don’t have enough snow plows. another reason is we have some crazy hills in our city. all parts of the city. we are hilly. think san fran. yep, it’s like that! the city shuts down, people go into panic mode and we abandon our cars on the street like it’s normal.

being from the midwest, i know how to handle a crazy winter storm. i know what to buy at the store, what to keep in my car, how to get unstuck and most importantly, how to keep my butt at home when the threat of snow looms near. i left the midwest because of the winters. the only snow i want to see now is in the mountains when i’m snowboarding. but mother nature has her own agenda and the rest of us just get in line.

and so i introduce you to all the awesome that has been #wasnow 2012. we have cute little hashtags for twitter like #snoverreacting and #snomg, #seasnow and a bunch of other stuff. we post pics of our animals playing in the snow, cars getting stuck in the snow and what we do when work and school are cancelled and we have an adult snow day. yes, when it snows in seattle, we make #snowesome happen.

and so, i’ve collected a few pix from around the webverse (from sites not blackedout for #sopa) and decided to post them for you all to view, laugh at, poke fun at and envy. (we know you wish you had a snow day too!) also enjoy our youtube videos about this ironic seattle phenomenon.

i live at the bottom of this hill
why bother with a snowboard when a skateboard works just fine?
the hardware store in my neighborhood ... or what's left of it!
a snowstorm is no excuse to be without coffee ... hey this is seattle!
who says you can't ride your bike in the snow? they have chains for that!
snowstorm in seattle means ... adult snow day!
the snow ninja guards against snow baddies!

Nourisha Wells

I'm cool and incredibly fun. I geek out on scifi/fantasy/action, video games, comics, superheroes and the outdoors. I pwnd the interwebs for a living.

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  1. David Pierre-Louis says:

    This is awesome! More reasons why I love Seattle great highlight of this snowBLAH BLAH!

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