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up all night, brunch in the morning

you guys know how much i love me some food. foodie? absolutely. i don’t use clever words to describe food but i don’t really have to. my name is nourisha. i was destined to love food. end of story! and so this post is about food. after a night of drinking and dancing and general    divaliciousness, i woke up in need of a wonderful brunch.

so my girl and i headed over to none other than salty’s on alki. i like salty’s for a number of reasons. for starters, the view. you can revel in the beautiful seattle skyline while you dine. the water, the ferries, the sound widelife, the crazy paddle boarders and kayakers and speedboaters and of course if it’s a clear, beautiful day, you have the mountains. awe. it is glorious. remember we’re still just talking about the view. now to move to the ambiance. this place is cheesy. they don’t apologize for it and i like it. not everything needs to be pretentious. sometimes, we want good stuff without feeling like we have to put on airs. salty’s is a lot like me, kooky and awesomesauce wrapped in one. next up is the food. oh food. how do i love thee? let me count the ways! actually, i won’t count. i’ll just say it’s good but i can show you better than i can tell you!

the view on a typical rainy seattle day
pasta bar
potatoes and sausage and bacon, oh my!
shrimp and crab legs galore
dessert for you and dessert for me
more hot food goodies
a caramel fountain to top it all off!

Nourisha Wells

I'm cool and incredibly fun. I geek out on scifi/fantasy/action, video games, comics, superheroes and the outdoors. I pwnd the interwebs for a living.

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