That's So Seattle

i got sunshine … on shilshoe bay

today was beeeea-u-tiful! i mean the sun was out the air was warm and the emerald city just sparkled! i went to bed super early friday night (9pm!) so i was up and at them bright and early today. i actually watched the sun rise. awesome. honestly, how often do we do that? watch the sunrise? or even watch the sunset? they are amazing treasures we take for granted. but back to this perfect day.

i knew it was going to be gorgeous so i made plans to head to greenlake and get in a jog. then i was going to pick have lunch at a cafe and read for a few hours. i had it all planned out in my head. then my girlfriend called and everything changed. we made plans to have breakfast and the day just had a mind of its own from there.

we had breakfast at queen anne cafe and then headed to a the thrift store to look for hidden, gentle used treasures. after that we decided it was time for a workout so we headed over to golden gardens in ballard to walk and talk and play with her beautiful foster baby. it was perfect.

the sun was shining and the beach was packed. kids and parents and family pets were everywhere! there were even a few crazies in the water. but it wouldn’t be golden gardens without them. the awesome thing that happened to me — something that pretty much made my entire seattle existence — was a whale sighting! a pod of 4 orcas put on a show and i’m still in awe. god made such beauty. can you imagine? the sun shining. the snow-capped olympic mountains across the bay, sail boats and kayakers in the water and then, bam! orca whales! can’t picture it? that’s okay. i took a few pictures and captured a very short and far away video of the orcas. i hope you enjoy them as much as i did this day!

shilshoe bay marina


ducks in the water are better than ducks out of the water (hehehe)


a great day to go sailing


we hit up the beach ... just the sand though


there were crazies in that 40 degree water


and baby makes three ...

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  1. Kammy says:

    It was the first day Lil Bit deserved.

  2. Wow, Orca Whales! Today truly was an amazing day! The air was so fresh. You gotta love Seattle on days like today!

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