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no walk in the park … or is it?

the sun made a stellar appearance this past saturday and being winter — and the season of no sun — seattlites went crazy! i personally headed over to green lake to snap some pictures, get in some nature-inspired reflection and mediation and of course walk the trail for a little exercise.

as to be expected the trail was packed with walkers, runners, bikers, skaters, doggies and kiddies. i’m not a fan of the mommies and their buggies because those heifas think they own the trail! i also don’t like the dogs. everyone thinks their dog is the cutest and sweetest. they forget not everyone likes dogs. or animals. it’s so inconsiderate. oh well.

despite the mommies and doggies, i had a fabulous time at the lake. it was truly a wonderful walk in the park. here are a few photos from the day!

sitting at the dock of the bay, watching time roll away
this tree without leaves still seems to give life!
i could sit out here for hours and think about how absolutely amazing god is


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  1. It’s almost as if Seattle-lites have an automatic GPS response system that is triggered by the sun which leads them straight to Greenlake. I agree, if I had a GPS interceptor I would send a “rerouting” message to a few of them!

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