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church retreat in the woods means relaxation and rejuvenation

every year our church takes a retreat to a camp in the middle of nowhere. it’s really in the middle of nowhere. there is a native america reservation and casino, some horses, a bunch of dusty roads and white picket fences and not a whole lot more. driving out there with my new elle varner cd on blast helped to past the time but trust me i felt like i was driving for hours.

but once i got there the city just melted away. i forgot about the mountain of work waiting for me. and the icky feeling i had about a few situations that had been weighing on me. i let it all go, breathed in some fresh air and let the relaxation and rejuvenation begin.

our retreat started as all church retreats typically do with praise and worship and a word from one of the ministers. service was followed by a baptism in the lake and i felt my southern baptist roots taking over. we baptized three people in the lake that day. two children and an adult. it was awesome. in fact, it was a lot like i imagined it was when jesus was baptized by john the baptist in the river jordan.

after folks were dunked, we gathered for a meal and then free time. i went kayaking and horseback riding and i have to say it was more than needed. it was just what the doctor ordered to help me recenter and reconnect. sometimes we move too fast and forget why we exist and why life is important. after having almost lost my sister last year to cancer, i can’t express how precious life is. but we have to take moments to disconnect so we remember. we only get one life and we need to make the most of it.

my weekend in the wilderness just made me ready to face the world all over again.

gathered at the lake for an old fashioned baptism
our pastor baptized his daughter and it was beautimus
it’s a perfect day to go horseback riding
back on the horse … i like to ride
had a great time out on the water
of course i had to take a self portrait … or two lol

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