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I discovered my cosmic self at an art gallery opening

One of my dear friends is an artist in every sense of the word. She breaths art. It oozes from her lips in the words she speaks, the clothes she wears and even the way she styles her hair. She speaks art the way I speak geek. Check out her blog!

So I was thrilled when she invited me to join her for the opening of an art show featuring one of her pieces. The Onyx art collective had chosen her lovely and whimsical “limbs on a whim” to be shown alongside other local arts of African heritage.

The art on the walls was moving as it told the stories of us from all walks and all eras. In short I thought it was pretty dope. But I have to say the icing was when the “cosmic queen” came into full view and transformed in front of me. It was me! I mean I connected with her.

She was exactly how I see myself even when no one else does or gets it. She was fierce and cool and free and strong and bold and beautiful and feminine and awesome. Fearless and meek at the same time. She was courageous and cautious. I could have stared at her for hours because I was utterly confused by the ability of this artist to capture me and not even know me! I’m sure she had inspiration for this piece and it obviously wasn’t me but I can’t help but think somewhere there is another woman like me and whoever she is, she’s a bad chick!!!!!!!!

As always I have photos of my experience for you to enjoy!






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1 Comment

  1. That whole night was amazing!
    Thank you for coming!

    I still can’t believe that woman thought
    you called her an atheist!!!

    I loved all of the bright colors of the pieces
    even when the subject matter was from a
    horrific part of our history.

Can you relate?

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