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tales from a brown girl at the emerald city con

i’m a geeky brown girl. i don’t really have to tell you that because you can see it in the headline of my site. you can also figure it out by reading my posts and check out my photos. i loves my geekiness. in fact, i never felt comfortable in my skin until i truly embraced my inner geek girl. it took working at an ad agency surrounded by nerds and geeks for me to locate myself. i’ve always been weird, or a little different in my interests. but i never associated my love of sci fi and fantasy and action and superheroes with geekiness. maybe because brown people weren’t geeks. in fact, we’re the exact opposite. in american culture, brown people set the standard for cool. i was never cool.

but now that i’ve fully accepted and embraced my inner geek, i proudly let my geek flag fly. all the time. without shame. and that is how i found myself to be a regular con attender and cosplayer. i attend at least 3 cons a year and i cosplay at all of them. just one day because i like comfort, but that one day is always awesome.

this year, i cosplayed waldo at the emerald city comic con. there were only three others but i was by far the flyest waldo to be found in the crowd. and i photobombed like crazy! every chance i got i hoped in someone’s photo. i haven’t checked to see how frequently i show up on the web but i made the paper! that was my mission this year. make it into the paper’s con slide show. success!

i really enjoyed this year’s con. there was superhero and supervillain karaoke, jason mamoa, warehouse 13, george takai, and so much geek awesomeness. i still get chills thinking about how much fun i had! so here are a few pictures to document my tales from the con!

the costume parade
asgardans take the stage
buzz light year takes waldo to infinity and beyond!
even supers like the paparazzi
beeker storm trooper – why not?
waldo and the league of superheroes ….
it’s hard out there for death eater
he was drawing me
why so serious waldo?
waldo and wonder woman (was waldo hiding on the invisible jet?)
brown people do cosplay!
i think waldo really makes this picture
my friend asking jason a question
this man is hella sexy
jason mamoa (conan, khal drago)
warehouse 13

the walking dead

waldo and star wars
i wouldn’t mess with him if i were you
the green goblin rocked the stage in his ode to spiderman
the flash does karaoke

Nourisha Wells

I'm cool and incredibly fun. I geek out on scifi/fantasy/action, video games, comics, superheroes and the outdoors. I pwnd the interwebs for a living.

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