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happy international women’s day to all my sisters!

i’m going to start by stating the obvious. i’m a woman. surprise! hehehe. i’m also a black woman. double surprise! and today is international women’s day. as a black woman, i am reminded of the intensely rich heritage i’m privileged to share with millions of other black women. i’m also reminded of the amazing privilege i enjoy simply because i was born in america after the civil rights struggle. i owe my life, my success and my freedom to the millions of courageous, convicted and compassionate women who marched and fought and refused to be silenced so i can be who i am today!

and so on this international women’s day, i pledge to mirror the actions of my ancestors and take up the fight for the girls and women around the world who have been left out of the “revolution.” they deserve to be seen and heard and protected and defended as much as we did! they are our legacy, our future, our hope. but most importantly, they are our sisters. in the word’s of sojourner truth, “ain’t i a woman?” yes my sister you are! and i will do my part to make sure you are treated as such!

as part of today’s history lesson, i thought i’d share this graphical depiction of the march 13, 1913, women’s suffrage march plan. if you didn’t know, black women DID THAT! they marched at the back of the line and were attacked and threatened. but that did not stop them. oh to know that blood pumps through my veins!

March 13, 1913 Women’s Suffrage March

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