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top 4 celebs who could be my bff

have you ever had a moment when you were fangirling like crazy and realized, “we could totally be bffs?” i can’t lie. i have that moment frequently with four celebrities. everything about them — based on my lowkey stalker knowledge — validates the awesomeness of our fictional, would-be fabulous friendship.

i might not ever meet these people in real life. i might not ever get to talk to them or say hi or have my picture taken with them, but in my mind, they are the butter to my bread. now, i want you to understand i have the best bffs in the world. my friends candace, kelley, kim and summer have been holding me down since freshman year in college. i talk to these ladies minimum once a week and my life would be completely empty without them in it. there are also a few ladies from my childhood who remain my rock whether we talk frequently or not. i can count on brandi and michelle to be there through good and hard times. then i have the new ladies who have come into my life since moving to seattle who add so much to my life. now there are way more of them than i can name because i have my church friends and sorors. they are all amazing.

but this isn’t about the people i know. this is about the celebrities who would make great bffs if we knew each other. like i said in the title, there are four people who i am convinced would fit right in with my fantastically, geeky yet superbly cool life.



i am a songbird. i have been since i first heard “video” on the radio in college. she had me ready to buy a bike, grow some locks, learn how to play guitar and declare my goddess status. seriously, as she has grown as an artist, i have grown with her. yes, i’ve seen her live a gazillion times — five times in seattle alone — and i own all of her music, including the special one-off songs . she speaks my truth to the masses in ways i hope to one day. i can’t sing to save my life. well, if it were life and death, i’m always gonna live. i’m a survivor! but the thing i love about india is she sings the private journal of so many people i know both male and female. she is honest and pure and free. and she’s funny! seeing india in concert is like catching up with your closest girlfriend over tea and shortbread cookies. if we were bffs, i’m sure we would be regulars at the live music set, yoga, african drum dance class, the boardwalk and the farmer’s market. she loves seattle as much as me, so we’d probably hit the mountains for energizing hikes, kayak in the sound and probably write at a local coffee shop or bookstore. doesn’t that sound like the makings of the world’s best friendship? i told you!

reagan gomez-preston


if you are black and on twitter, you have to be following reagan! as far as i’m concerned, she is black twitter. i started following her randomly when she first joined. she would tweet out fun facts about herself and one day she promised to follow anyone who could answer the question about how she met her husband. being an avid follower, i knew she met him at brandy’s sweet sixteen. so she started following me as promised. it’s pretty cool when a celebrity follows you back. it’s even cooler when that celebrity talks to you! reagan has responded to my tweets and retweeted things i’ve said (that she wasn’t tagged in). i seriously check out her tl on my morning commute to work because she is giving her unfiltered opinion about everything. she’s a wife and mother, but she’s also an actress, writer, director and producer. reagan is ambitions and consistent and cares about how black women and latinas are portrayed in the media. but rather than join the voices complaining, she’s creating her own stuff. you have to respect that. so if we were bffs, i picture us having passionate discussions about politics and pop culture either over dinner or while running. we’d watch tv together at least once a week and when we weren’t in the same living room, we’d call each other during commercial breaks (who still watches live tv?) and shout things like, “uh huh they play too much” or “girl did you see that?”

tia and tamera


i hate to do these dynamic ladies together but i was introduced to them as a pair and that hasn’t changed all these years later. we grew up “together” in the since that they have been a part of my life since sixth grade (i think) when they dropped “yeah yeah yeah” as part of voices. yes, i went way back! then the starred on sister sister and i never missed an episode from middle school through college. aw, the memories. now these ladies are all grown up and taking over the world. what do i love about them? where do i start! they love god and family in a way that’s refreshing and honest. most of us are like that despite what society and pop culture shows. they know how to laugh at themselves and each other. and they are about business when the time comes. if we were bffs, i would be getting the sisters i never had but always wanted. we would take trips together for spa weekends and wine, throw around business ideas and see who is going to make it happen and come up with funny, yet heartfelt stories to produce and bring to the world. there would be lots of dancing and laughing and food! lots of food! (side note: i was leaving sacramento recently and saw tamera with her family at the security check. i wanted so badly to fangirl on her but she gave “the look” that was kind of please don’t draw attention to us. the baby was fussy and it was late and they were probably tired. she looked amazing though and she did smile.)

welp, that’s my list. four fabulous women, each dynamic in her own way, who would make the best bffs. perhaps one day our paths shall cross in a meaningful, lasting way. if not, there is always fantasy and i’ll always be a fangirl! who makes your list? if you could be bffs with a celeb, who makes your list? post in the comments!

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