Walk By Faith

do you know how to will what you want

when we’re youngens, we have lots of dreams and plans for our future. we don’t know that our games of make-believe and dress up can be crushed under the weight of family and societal expectations. in our free play, we can be and do what we want. if it can be conceived in our imaginations, it can be acted out in play time.

most of us lose that ability to will what we want to manifest as we enter school. gone are the hours spent creating imaginary worlds, replaced by structured lessons that force us all to think and see things the exact same way. i get that school is vital to our future. i totally understand that reading, writing, and arithmetic are requirements for success. but why does imagination and play have to be sacrificed to achieve it?

losing our ability to see a neighborhood hill as the towering mount everest begging to be conquered, or the bubbling creek in the backyard as the natural border to the magical kingdom of fairyland, or the neighborhood pool as the homebase of a secret spy operation also limits our ability to will the kind of life we want in the future. we get used to listening to short-sited and small-minded people telling us we can’t. after so many “you can’t do this” from people we love and trust, we start to believe it.

what if today, you decided to stop believing the limitations placed on your life by others, and embraced the natural talents and gifts inside that tell you everyday you can? what if you dared to will the kind of life you wanted and put your energy toward making it happen? what if you said today’s “no” is just an opportunity to pause and turn up the “yes” shouting on the inside of your spirit?

i’ve said many times in this blog that i have several passions. among them are writing, reading, playing in the outdoors, dancing, daydreaming, and making arts and crafts. i adore all things creative and expressive. so i wanted to share this amazing video featuring one of my favorite dancers of all time. it features the words of a rejection letter to her playing in the background as she dances in the studio as a principal dancer at the american ballet theatre. how do you like those pirouettes?

now say yourself, “i will what i want”. okay say it again like you mean it! “i will what i want.” now go make it happen!

Nourisha Wells

I'm cool and incredibly fun. I geek out on scifi/fantasy/action, video games, comics, superheroes and the outdoors. I pwnd the interwebs for a living.

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