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monday motivational music: light the universe

music has magical powers. it can alter your mood in just a matter of minutes. everything from the lyrics to the melodies to the sound of the voice crooning over the track affect how you feel and relate to the world around you. it’s also quite suggestive!

when you’re putting together your workout mix, you choose songs that get you hype and upbeat. pump it, louder! when you’re sad, you listen to songs that seem to speak to your unique brand of pain. another sad love song anyone? falling in love with the man/woman of your dreams? go ahead and put those love songs on repeat. and when you’re angry, you find the perfect song to scream f the world. i don’t give a f about you!

in that same vein, music can serve as affirmation for all the awesome you have going on in your life, or want to attract to your life. i have a theme song for myself every year. everyone needs a theme song. it should represent you and make you feel like the bad mamajama you are day in and day out. and let’s face it, some days you need to be reminded how dope you are because there are a lot of voices (internal and external) who can’t get enough of telling you how much you suck, how much you lack, and how much you don’t measure up.

chuck the deuce to that foolishness and queue you up a playlist of music that makes you feel like everything is alright, out of sight. in case you need a little help getting started, i’ll just leave this right here for you. and we’ll call this your monday motivational music to start the week off right! this one is call “light the universe” by the amazing vivian green. if you don’t know her music, do better! you’re welcome.

Nourisha Wells

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  1. I like the idea of having a theme song every year. I must find one. I have my go to songs that make life sweeter like all Bossa Nova music for when I am writing, Afro Jazz when I am creating, and Dancehall when it is time to turn up! Oh and West Coast rap when I’m feeling like a G.

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