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self care is more sacred than a to-do list

i was packing up my stuff for the night and doing a mental list of all the things i still needed to get done before the night was over for both work and personal life, and i just had to stop in my tracks. i am in need of quality self care right now. it’s cold outside. it’s rainy. and a warm blanket and sweats sounds absolutely amazing. i even have my book picked out.

so the crisis here is do i honor my desire for self care or do i push forward with my demanding to-do-list and beast it out like i always do? should i even use the phrase beast it out? i mean, i’m not a beast. and there is nothing cute about treating yourself like a beast. in pop culture it’s a term of pride to say you were a beast at something. that means you did the damn thing. and being awesome often requires sacrifices of sleep, time, social life and self care. when i get in the zone, i ignore people and food and anything else that would distract me from my task. it’s a needed phase for some of my demanding projects. but it’s definitely not permanently sustainable.

for the first quarter of this year, it’s been non-stop for me. i like it. can’t lie. checking things off gives  me pride. it makes me feel good. and i like to be rewarded for my work. but i haven’t always honored my body. and on days like today, i can tell the difference. every part of me wants to go home and relax with a good book and glass or two or three of wine. but really i’m going to continue with my to-do list and check things off because the weekend is coming. i promise to make up for it then!


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