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A trip to the pumpkin patch is a fall tradition

I love traditions. My family has a set of pretty strong traditions connected to holidays, birthdays, and just being together. After living away from my family for a decade, I’ve made a few traditions of my own as well. One of those traditions is a trip to the pumpkin patch. My linesisters, their little people, and me – the super auntie – road tripped out to Remlinger Farm in Carnation, Wa. for their annual fall pumpkin fest and what a time.

Let me just go ahead and say something to my single readers. You don’t have to have kids to enjoy these kinds of simple pleasures in life. If you want to frolic at the pumpkin patch, don’t let anyone stop you. If you feel a little weirded out because you don’t have a kid, borrow one and then you get to become the cool auntie or uncle. Problem solved!

I’ve been recovering from a major surgery so I haven’t gotten out and done too much the past month. The pumpkin patch was the perfect excuse to get out the house, get some fresh air, and enjoy the laughter of kids and adults. Plus, my nieces and nephew are hilarious and they had me on the verge of poppin stitches. (No stitches were popped in the making of this memory.)

While the kids were off riding ponies, screaming on roller coasters, rock climbing and racing down bouncy house slides, I was staging my own personal fall photoshoot. I bought this amazing camera last winter and I keep forgetting I have it. That right there lets you know I am not a photographer, because who in their right mind forgets the good camera at home?

Back to this photo shoot. During my recovery time I have seen more than my fair share of YouTube videos and vlogs and I picked up some tips for using my fancy camera, posing, capturing the light, and staging the best photos. I don’t mean to toot my own horn, but BEEP BEEP. I was able to capture some great shots of my nieces and nephew. I realized after the fact I didn’t get good pictures of my linesisters and me. Next time. All of the photos were edited in Lightroom using the vibrant preset.

pumpkin patch visit
Family goes far beyond DNA and blood connection. Family is also chosen.
candid shots
The best photos are the ones you capture in the moments between posing. They are usually devoid of all the overthinking.
white pumpkins
Seeing a patch of white pumpkins was a reminder to always check my assumptions so I don’t miss out on rare gems.
pumpkin patch
But it is okay to revel in the comforts of familiarity when you need a break.



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