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Snow days and self love

Though it is a rare occurrence, it does snow in Seattle. This weekend happens to be particularly rare because it started snowing Friday and has not stopped. Literally. It has been snowing for over 24 hours. I cannot say I’m a fan of snow anywhere outside of the gorgeous mountains that surround this beautiful city. But, here we are and when life gives you snow, you take a snow day!

When I was a kid growing up in Kansas City, Mo., I lived for a snow day. It usually meant a trip to my grandma’s where I could have epic snowball fights with my cousins and the neighborhood kids. If we stayed home, it mean building snowmen and sledding down the hill by our house. Even as I got older, I still enjoyed playing in the snow.

Black woman playing in the snow
Did someone say it was a snow day?

Today, I reminded myself of the magic a snow day brings. There was a reason we loved them so much as kids! Thankfully, I have a fully stocked refrigerator and pantry so I don’t have to worry about going outside in the elements. I can just focus on having fun. So, I bundled up, grabbed my camera, and headed outside to play in my yard. Taking time to make snow angels and catch snowflakes on my tongue really felt like an opportunity to release some of the stress from work and this pandemic!

Upclose and personal picture
It is always a good thing to look at the world with wonder and adventure.

It also happens to be Valentine’s weekend and I can’t help but think about how special it is to curl up by the fire, watching movies, and eating popcorn with the one you love. To all the lovers out there — and I hope you count yourself among the ranks of lovers whether you are flying solo or you are coupled up this year — take time to laugh and love deeply this weekend! Treat yourself and each other with kindness, gentleness, and patience. Turn up the romance and rekindle the passion. And stay warm out there ya’ll!

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  1. Summer says:

    Beautiful sis and thank you for the reminder.

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