My Favorite Things That's So Seattle

Lucid Jazz Lounge is my favorite chill spot

Life in Seattle is better when you locate your spot, the place where you feel at home with the crowd. You know, like on Cheers. Everyone has to have a spot. A go to place that feels like home when you have a rough day or just need the comfort of being around people you know. Lucid Jazz Lounge is that place for me. There is something about jazz music that brings relaxation to the heart and when you add an extra dirty gin martini – man! Watch out! I realize everyone has to find their own spot as we all have different requirements, but I invite you to give Lucid a try. Check out this video to see why I love hanging out there so much!

P.S., if you take my favorite seat at the bar, we will have problems. It’s big enough for us to share but don’t take my seat!

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