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going to the chapel of love … as a bridesmaid

i’m not big on weddings. i plan to elope and have a fun bbq reception after where everyone can come eat, dance and be normal in normal clothes. i do want a photo booth and super geeky cupcakes. oh and my dad has to make ribs. he has to. like it’s not even up for discussion. my dad’s ribs are the best. you see, i care way more about eating ribs than i do having a wedding. but that doesn’t stop me from celebrating with my friends during their weddings so in a few weeks i’ll be heading to the chapel of love to watch two of my friends say i do. i’m pretty excited about this union as i watched it unfold in a very atypical way.

i lovingly nudged my friend toward her beau several times and each time she shot it down. and here they are two years later tying the knot. it’s super cute because it just proves we all need second chances! really, can you imagine having the love of your life right in front of you the whole time? oh right, that’s the standard plot for most romantic comedies. yeah, i don’t watch those unless they include action and fighting and stuff blowing up. a good car chase is also welcome. ugh, i don’t do traditional romance. i guess that’s why i don’t like weddings.

but there are a few things about weddings that even i love. for starters, bachelorette parties! it’s not like we need another excuse to get dolled up and have a girls’ night. but with a bachelorette party, everything is amplified – the naughty, the nice, the sexy, the sweet. it’s all there. another good thing about weddings? cake! wedding cake is just pure awesome. okay, i guess that’s kind of all i actually like about weddings. well, there are the great pictures you take with people you haven’t seen in a while, unless of course you don’t know any of the bride or groom’s friends and then nevermind.

i have already done part one of my love list. last weekend we had my friends bachelorette party. we didn’t do anything crazy. in fact, it was pretty lowkey, but it was definitely fun. i discovered yet again that i’m old because i was yawning by midnight. but again, we had a blast. i’m looking forward to putting on my bridesmaid dress and witnessing my friends say their vows to each other. i also can’t wait until they have kids but i know that’s at least a year off. hehehe.

me and the lovely bride ... he liked it so he put a ring on it.
me and the lovely bride … he liked it so he put a ring on it.
oh yes it’s ladies’ night …
so happy to celebrate love and marriage and friendship in one night!
so happy to celebrate love and marriage and friendship in one night!

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