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2012 … a better version of a fabulous me!

okay i’ve been thinking about this for a bit and decided i should go ahead and put together a post about my plans for 2012. it’s not a list of resolutions or goals or anything like that. i just thought of a few things i believe will help me to be my best in 2012. this list is in no particular order and i have no definite plan of action for incorporating them at this time. really, i started last year and just want to make it more a priority this year. so i guess this is really my priority short list for 2012. here goes nothing!

1. dance more. i'm a dancer and i need to take more dance classes in 2012. ballet, belly dance, praise dance, etc. i just want to dance!
2. write every day. i am a writer by trade and natural gifting. i need to write every day and this year i need to start publishing my writing.
3. eat healthier and more colorful! i love food and i actually love veggies but i can do better to incorporate them into my daily diet. especially non green veggies as that's all i ever eat!
4. mediate and pray more. being centered and focused and grateful are huge desires for me as i embrace 2012. i want to be whole!
5. laughter does the body good like a medicine and damn it i want to laugh until my sides hurt. i think i spent too much time crying in 2011. i'm not against crying but i want to laugh!
6. work out everyday. i know that seems like a stretch but for me it's not. i take the bus to work which means walking! i actually like working out and go to the gym regularly and i have a wii and kinect with many dance games. i can manage to get 30 mins of exercise of some sort each day.


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