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he wants all of what?

September 12, 2014


have you ever gotten an earworm that refuses to go away? what am i saying. of course you have. everyone has had that one song — you know the one — that you hear and it gets stuck in you head. earworms are usually annoying songs you hate. that hate seems to make the earworm […]

do you know how to will what you want

August 1, 2014


when we’re youngens, we have lots of dreams and plans for our future. we don’t know that our games of make-believe and dress up can be crushed under the weight of family and societal expectations. in our free play, we can be and do what we want. if it can be conceived in our imaginations, […]

a movement in the key of praise

July 26, 2014


i am not a musician i am not a singer. i am not where i want to be. i am not consistent. i am not perfect. have you ever noticed when it comes to talking about our spiritual walk how often we start describing ourselves by saying what we are not? you can nod, it’s okay. i […]

just dancing lessons in westlake plaza after work, no biggie

August 28, 2012


some days, i just love seattle. there are many reason for my over-the-top adoration but today i present you with one simple reason. dancing! wait, let me explain. today was a rough day at the office. i was busy non-stop and my to-do list was a bear! i actually forgot what day it was. but […]